Darkness burrows in when we fall Morning will reveal us after all Curtains wide, say you'll run with me Captives we were called, but now we're free.
twisted sister.
Monk ;
He traded his crown.
for his freedom.
G O D H A N D .
Did you really think a little thing like the end of the world was going to do me in?
We're going to return the world to what it was, or die trying!
**, Stats, ##.

Apart of Feymarches
Munday Meme!


Send the following to a FM member’s ask box!:

♒ - What other muses have you played?

☀ - What other muses would you consider playing, but have not yet?

♡ - What muse, apart from your current one, do you feel the deepest connection to, and why?

✮ - If you (the mun) had one wish that could be granted right now, what would it be?

◇ - What is one childhood belief you still hold dear, today?

❣ - Happiest moment, while rping?

☁ - Saddest moment, while rping?

◕‿-。 - do you feel lucky today?

❤ - favorite canon ship with muse

❥ - favorite crack/noncanon ship with muse.

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"Who took all of my orange juice?!"

Discretely chugs down the last gulp of Locke’s precious orange juice.



"What’s that? More people who are not happy with themselves? Very well then, let the operation begin!"

"— There’s something not right with you, friend. Are you in need of assistance?”

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Be sure to track ALL of them, to keep up with the group!


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The fog subsides..


The heartless all vanish, and disappear from whence they came. The sun lights the hallowed streets of Feyhalla. Peace settles over the streets like a soothing blanket, and each of the warriors who fought for their hearts are sent back home…

Good job at protecting your hearts, Feyries!

I’d like to think that this event was a bit of a success. You guys showed a lot of interest in it. Now, though this is the closing thread of the event, feel free to continue any threads you wish to continue with! 

Tell us either below, or in a submission, what you liked about the event! 

Feel free to include any of the following, or more!

  • Your favorite part.
  • Your least favorite.
  • Why you enjoyed this event.
  • Why you didn’t.
  • What you want to see more of, or less of next time.
  • What the admins can do to improve the next event.

If you have an idea of what to do for a March event, feel free to drop a suggestion to Zoe or I (chai) via skype, ask box, or below as well! We are open to suggestions!

I was, personally, super thrilled to see so many of you actually enjoying your threads, though some of you didn’t get much of a chance to play.

I do apologize for that!

Have a nice night, lovely Feyries! Don’t forget to leave any suggestions below, or in a submission to the group page!

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